Tuesday, June 22, 2010

$25 Grocery Challenge Day 1

So, prompted by a thread I saw on Dave Ramsey's website www.mytotalmoneymakeover.com, I am going to attempt to spend only $25 a week on groceries for about a month, or until I am very close to running out of food in the cupboards! :) So this week will be easy...I have tons of food stocked, and it really feels almost like cheating this week since I just went shopping on Saturday. Anyway, I can definately spend less than $25 the rest of this week, so I will just have to forward any remaining money I don't spend this week to next week. I am going to start the week over each Monday. I should also mention that I am reverting back to using all CASH for grocery shopping, and most all other purchases I make. Using cash makes it hurt, and I am a lot less willing to buy frivolous items when I have to hand over the green stuff! :)
Dinner # 1
Campbells Lemon Broccoli Chicken http://www.campbellskitchen.com/RecipeDetail.aspx?recipeId=24391&ref=%2fSearchRecipesResult.aspx%3fSearchType%3d1%26q%3dlemon%2bbroccoli%2bchicken
Betty Crocker instant loaded mashed potatoes
(bought as earthquake food, but I realized if an earthquake was that bad, we probably wouldn't have any boiling water anyway!), and
Costco's organic corn/pea/green bean/carrot mix steamed.

I had everything I needed on hand. The chicken has been in the freezer for a while, the cream of broccoli has been sitting in my pantry forever, and I bought the veggies from Costco about 10 days ago. Day one completed without spending a dime! :)

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