Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Levi has two molars broken through and Micah has one! Levi's top right molar poked through on June 25th, and the top left came through on June 28th, and Micah's top left came through on June 26th! Both of them are working on getting all four of them at once...poor babies! They have been drooling a lot, and I suspected molars soon, but not all of them at once! Ouch! The are pretty good sports though, and have only been a little fussy, really not even noticable. Such big boys to be getting molars...makes them seem a little less like babies! It will be nice for them to have some molars to chew with, so that part will definately be nice! :) Well, we are off to the park, and the animal shelter, and GolfSmith. Oh yes, I got a referral today for a midwife from Dr. Kim, so let's see if the insurance sompany approves it! Doubt it, I will probably have to appeal it..Boo for HMO's!

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