Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another house

Put in an offer today on a perfect house for us! It was way under-priced for some reason, and we offered our best offer on it....$250,000. It will be a miracle if we get it...it is a short sale off of haven and the 210. Please Lord. Babies have been getting hurt a lot the last few days. Micah bit his tounge really hard and it bled all over, then he pulled a big jar of applesauce right onto his forehead and got a bruise. Levi got stung by a bee yesterday on his middle finger, and then got knocked between the eyes with a swing that Noah swung without anybody in it. Ouch! My poor babies! Noah is being super cute with the names he is calling Nick and I lately. He is calling me Mommy, Mama, and Mom, all interchangabley, and he calls Nick Daddy, Dada, and Dad. It is too funny and cute. I gave Noah a hair cut a few days ago also, and it made him look way too grown up! I love my little boy.

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