Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Noah boy and VG fountain

Noah is sleeping for his first night tonight in his twin bed without a rail! Why does this make me sad!? My baby is growing up too fast! Nick and I just finished watching Shakespear in Love. Good movie!
Today, Nat and I took the kiddos to VG and they played in the fountain! Boy did they love it! All three were soaked, but we brought extra clothes, and forgot a towel! They air-dried though, and everybody had fun. The twins get a lot of compliments and questions whenever we are out, which is kind of fun. :) I sure do love having twins, and feel sorry for people without a pair! ;) Having one at a time is obviously a huge blessing as well, and I wouldn't change anything abotu each of our children for the world! :) The kids also got some sunglasses from Children's Place today whiel at the mall...they were only $2.50, and Noah also got to ride the train. I made chicken asada tonight for dinner from costco and it sure was yummy in burritos. We also ate peaches from costco, which are soooo delicious. Nick, Noah and I ate some of them in Noah's bed together. It was sucha cute moment when Noah pulled Nick and my heads together between his and gave us a group hug. It really made me think how much kids need and want their parents to love each other and love them , even when they are not old enough to express that desire in words, there it is. Glad we can give that to our kids with God's help. Thank you Jesus.

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