Monday, June 7, 2010

Haha...oh man!

So, as I was just changing diapers this morning, the thought to write this post came to me. I like to write down the differences between Micah and Levi when I think about them and remember them so I won't forget later on. So, this one is funny/gross! If I am changing diapers and deceide to let the boys run free for a little bit to air out, Levi will usually pee, and Micah will poo as fast as he can! I just don't get it! It is like they just wait for me to take off their diapers, and then do their business before I can get it back on! I think they are doing it on purpose! So, just this morning as I was thinking about this I once again left the diapers off, and within 2 minutes! Levi had peed and Micah pood right on the carpet! Oh geez! Maybe I will learn my lesson this time! It's just so cute to watch two cutie little naked booties run around for a minute. Love those babies! :)

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