Thursday, June 17, 2010

Love my boys..

Just finished looking in on Noah in his bed without the rail. He looks so peaceful and I couldn't resist giving him a little kiss on the cheek. What a sweet, big, growing-up boy. My heart is overwhelmed with the joy that he brings into my life, and I couldn't help think how much I am going to miss this when it's all over. I love raising my sons, and I treasure everyday I get to be here at home with them. I truly feel that a big part of my purpose is fulfilled through being their mommy, and I wouldn't trade getting to be home with them for anything in the whole world. We went to Chick-fil-a today, and of course I went up in the tubes to take the kiddos. That can't continue once the belly gets too big, so we might as well do it while I stil can. Mom and Nat came with thing about so many small children all at once is it is hard to go too many places alone if the kids aren't going to be locked in strollers or carts. It is just too scary to keep an eye on all three of them in public places by myself! Don't want to lose one! ;) Anyway, I made cheeseburgers tonight, which Noah won't eat! Silly kid! Then Briana, Ricky and Chey Chey came over and we swung the kids in the swings for a while, and Nick and Ricky hit whiffle balls. The babies were already in bed. Speaking of babies, now that they both drink milk (I weened Micah of off rice milk within a week, and now he drnks regular milk...yeah!) they are quite the addicts, and I feel like they are not eating as much. They are only drinking 18 ounces a day, which they say they shoudl have 18-24 ounces a day at this age, so I think it is fine. I guess a lot of babies have a decreased appetite around this age, so I am sure it is nothing to worry over. I think Levi weighs around 23 and Micah just a little less. They are both a little chubby and healthy! Micah is catching back up now that he is drinkign milk again! He started to feel fownright tiny compared to Levi for a couple of weeks there. You can still tell a little difference, but not so much anymore.

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