Sunday, June 6, 2010

Teeth, funeral, and swimmming...

Levi got his 7th tooth, the bottom left on May 28th. Micah got his 8th tooth, the bottom left, on June 2. The babies do not yet fight me on tooth brushing, and they actually seem to kind of like it. They are starting to want to hold it though and do it themselves, so probably in the near future there might be a fight about brushing teeth! Noah sure hated it at their age and would cry a lot! Hopefully they don't do that!
Today was the first day I didn't nurse my sweet babies in the morning! I just got them botha bottle really quick-Levi milk, Micah rice milk-and they were fine! Micah still pulled on my shirt at least twice yesterday to nurse, but he didn't pretty well now that he will drink some rice milk! So I am a little sad, but we had a good long run nursing, plus I din't have very much left anymore and Micah especially was really hurting me trying tog et it out! Ouch! So we made it 1 year, 2 month and 1 week, and now we are done! I loved almost every minute of it, and am so blessed to have been able to do it! :)
Today was also Bill's (Nick's uncle) funeral. Nick went, but I couldn't go because my parents already had plans to go to Kristi and Randi's so I had no one to watch the babies. I feel bad I couldn't go because everyone was there, and Nick said after he go home he realy wished I was there, and that everyone else's wives were there!
Anyway, the boys and I went to Kristi's with my parent's instead, and I just left early so the babeis could nap in the car, and Noah stayed with my parents for a little longer. He was soooooo cute swimming ALL over teh pool with his frog suit! He has never been so brave to swim like that before, and now all the sudden it just clicked with him, and he was a little swimming machine! He LOVED the waterfall, adn kept talking about it even once he was home! He even let Aaron jump off the top of it while holding him! What a brave boy! I was so proud of him, and he really mad me smile. My little boy is getting bigger everyday! So bittersweet, but so fun to watch him learning and growing! Love my boy!
The babies dug the water too! They are all water babies! :)

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