Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Am pondering if using Babywise has made me less compassionate, more callous, and less understanding of my children. I am feeling a nudging on my heart about this, and I don't like it. I know using Babywise has it's very good points, and I can't just overlook how important sleep is for babies, yet I am left wondering. Is there a better way? I just can't see myself as a co-sleeping, babywearing (I do use the babyBjorn on occasion), breastfeeding-all-night kind of person...yet still I wonder. I feel Babywise really better for the babies, or just better for me?

Made crock-pot chili today...goodness I love having dinner going already before lunch! It is so much less stressful for me, and so much easier to get dinner on the table! I am so excited about using it! Noah started using regular toothpaste. This was his third night in a row. He asked for the other kind, but I just told him he was going to use "big boy" toothpaste now. He would just keep swallowing the toddler toothpaste, and I was worried he would try and swallow regular toothpaste too, but he didn't because it was "spicy" as he said! Toddler toothpaste has no fluoride in it, so it's not a big deal if it is swallowed, but obviously our toothpaste does. Anyway, that was easy! Micah is getting a cold, or else has a runny nose from teething. Both babies were generally a little fussy again today. They took a long nap in the afternoon, thank goodness, so they were not as tired this evening. Micah somehow touched the oven before I could get him away, and he has two little blisters on the top of this fingers! My goodness it is hard to keep two babies away at the same time! I feel so bad! Both babies are getting hurt more and more all the sudden as they get so mobile, and so quick at it! I hate that they are getting hurt! :( Noah was very sweet at bedtime tonight, and wanted me to hold him and sing "You're more than enough". I know he was just trying to stay up later, but it was very cute him asking me to sing that to melted my heart and reminded me so much of when I would hold him and sing that song to him when he was smaller. That is the same song I sing to the babies when I rock them. <3 I am going to buy a new lense for our camera. I need a prime lens, so I am going to return the Coach purse Nick got me for Christmas and get the lens instead! He said he didn't mind. I need a lens that will blur backgrounds better for me! :)

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  1. I'll be completely honest with you. I regret using BW with my first 2 and a half kids. I really do. And my oldest is now 13! I think it did make me less sensitive to my oldest boys' needs and struggles. We are still close. . . but. . . I do regret it.

    Grace and peace,