Sunday, January 10, 2010


We took the kids to Disneyland today! It was the first time for Micah and Levi, and Noah had not been since he was 19 months, so it was pretty much like the first time to him! It was a lot of work but soo much fun! The weather was so perfect...75 again! It really wasn't too crowded either. Everyone rode it's a Small World, but Levi was sleeping in the Baby Bjorn while Nick held him so he missed it, but Micah and Noah loved it! We also all rode the carousel, which Levi cried on, but I think he was just tired. I then took Noah on Dumbo, which was his favorite I think. Last we went into toon town, where we waited it line to see Minnie because Noah really, really wanted to. He was saying Hi Minnie! really loud while we were in line, but then he wanted nothing to do with her when it was our turn! He was scared!

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