Monday, January 11, 2010

Teething babies!

I just have to say...I never get tired of seeing two babies crawling around after each other! :) In other news...Levi fell out of the bathtub today by leaning over the side. The phone was ringing and I ran to get it...I was literally gone for about 3 seconds, and in that time he stood up and fell out! Noah was right there with them, and he started bawling! He said "Mommy, why did that happen?!" I felt sooo bad for them both, and told Noah it wasn't his fault. Levi had a big red mark on his cheek and forehead from where he hit the tile! Then a little while later I smashed his finger in a drawer by accident. Not to mention the fact that he is majorly teething! Poor little guy! His top left front tooth came through on Saturday, and the other one is working it's way out. Micah's front tooth spots are a little swollen too, and I am sure they will poke out soon as well. They are both being uncharacteristically fussy, and not napping well. The naps are bad from the teething and standing up in the crib, which they both do almost immediately after you lay them down in there! This is Nick's last whole week working in construction at Edison! Wooohoo! No more out of town! He will now be working in maintainence. He will be training for 6 months in Alhambra, and will then be based in Palm Springs for about 3 years most likely.

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