Monday, January 25, 2010

Diapers and Beans...but not together!

Ordered our first cloth diapers today! Just two for now so I can see if I like them or not! I got Kissaluvs fitted diapers, with a Thirsties diaper cover. I also ordered some Babylegs, which I heard are great for little crawlers who are not wearing pants! I took the kiddos to the park today, and my mom met us there. They all had fun. The babies love swinging on the swings, and Noah just about likes everything about the park. We went into the Lions Center so Noah could use the bathroom, and they had some toys inside that they got to play with for a little bit...until we couldn't keep the babies from crawling in all directions any longer! Then Noah collected some pinecones on our walk back to the car. I would love to walk to the park, but our hill just kills me with the triple stroller! Anyway, I also made ham and bean soup today in the's actually still cooking! I even made the beans and everything from dried! That was a first for me. I added carrots, garlic and onions too it also. I got some of it out early for the babies to eat, and they loved the beans! Micah and Levi will eat absolutely anything...I really hope it stays that way! I have my fingers crossed! On a totally different subject...I also have my fingers crossed that all my boys will all always be close to each other. Micah and Levi are almost always exploring side by side, and Noah is usually not far away either...except when he gets tired of the babies grabbing at his toys...then he goes into his room and shuts them out!

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