Saturday, January 2, 2010

Park and new shoes!

Today we got sandwhiches and took the kids to West Beryl Park for a picnic. It was 70 degrees today! Oh, how I love California! The babies went on the swings and stood at the bottom of the slides. Nick put Noah up in a tree for a few seconds, and he loved it! Noah loves going to the park, and I wish we could take him more. It is just so hard for me to take all three of them by myself right now! Soon though! :) I also took Noah and got him a new pair of those today...his first shoes with laces! They are the payless brand, and look like little chucks! He loves them! Levi continues to pull up to standing on everything! Chairs, toys and his crib rail! I am still a little surprised and delighted everytime I see him do it, even though I know soon it will be commonplace! Micah has done it twice, but isn't regulalry pulling up to standing yet, but he pulls up to his knees all the time. Nick and I watched "Shattered" on demand tonight for free...I didn't like it very much, but Nick kinda did.

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  1. We are moving to rancho and I was wondering if you can tell me some good areas? We have two school aged children and no nothing about the area. If you have the time could you e-mail me any info you think would help us in our move?