Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lightning and Thunder

We had a memorable night tonight watching lightning and listening to thunder! Noah and I turned out the light, got a blankey and a pillow and lay on the floor in the family room watching lightning light up the sky! Noah was amazed, and kept asking for more. I explained that I couldn't control it only God could. He kept saying only God has the controls, and then asked to go outside to see him! He is so full of wonder and questions, and just so cute! All 3 of the kiddos are still sick. I had to take Levi to the Dr. on monday because he was running a fever, and it turns out he has a double ear infection. He was given amoxycillin, but he got a rash from it, so he is allergic! Now, they gave him something else. Levi went with me to the pharmacy tonight to get the medicine, and we also went into the asian gorcery store to pick up bananas and avocados. He was so sweet and cute bundled in him hooded white fuzzy outfit, having a little one-on-one time with mommy. Those moments are so special! Micah got his left front upper tooth today! The other one is close but not out yet. Levi has both on top now. The second one came out on the 17th. I can't believe they are going to have top teeth now too! You know I love those baby gums, and am always a little sad to see them go! Well, hopfully the colds and teething passes much as I do love it, Levi is crying if I don't hold him, and my arm is starting to kill me! ;) Ah, I love my babies. Nick and I started watching "Lost" and we are a bit addicted! I think there are 10 seasons though, so watching all of them is going to take forever! Oh yeah, I got my D90 on tuesday, and my new 50mm f1.8 lens! I LOVE THEM! I cannot emphasize this enough! Finally I can do with my camera what I have wanted to do for so long! I am so excited about it! I am reading lots of stuff and trying to learn everything I can about photography...I really do love it! :)

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