Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Wild Man

My Dad took Noah to the bathroom while we were at their house tonight, and my Dad said while they were in there Noah said, "I Love you, Papa...and I love my Daddy too." He has been telling me "I love you" all the time lately at random times. It is so sweet. Today he asked me, "You love me, right?" I said Of course I do! It is so amazing to me that he can ask a question like that and understand so much. He is so smart, and growing so fast. He also tells me a lot while Nick is at work that he misses his Daddy and wants him to come home. I think he is still getting used to the idea that Nick will really be home every night...he still thinks he will have to stay away in a hotel! Thank you, Jesus that he doesn't have to anymore! Well, I reallly just can't believe Noah will be three in 2 months, and Micah and Levi will be one! I wish it didn't go so fast...I know I will miss these days and I try to enjoy each one! Anyway, we actually walked all the way to my parents house tonight with the kids all in the stroller. They were all really good. The babies were fine as long as I walked behind the stroller where they couldn't see me...if they saw me they cried for me to hold them! Especially Levi! Micah was soo cute sucking his thumb and gripping the blanket right by his face! I love that! Noah was never a blanket baby, and can still hardly stand having any blankets on him, so I am not used to seeing a baby cudle with a blanket! After we got home tonight, Micah was being too funny standing up in his crib and then throwing himself backwards onto the mattress! I laughed at him the first time he did it, so then he kept doing it, at least 10 more times! I have never seen him react to attention that way, and it was really very funny! I told my Dad it was like he was his own little real person, doing something on purpose just to make me laugh! ;) Well, it was working! He was acting like a little wild man! Anyway, I then got to rock Levi to sleep, and he fell asleep so easily and peacfully in my arms!

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