Friday, January 8, 2010

First week of 2010!

Sunday 1/3/10- Today Nat turned 12! We hung out at home all day and got a bunch of cleaning and organizing done, and then went to my Mom and Dad's at 5pm for Nat's birthday dinner with all the family. It was a good time.

Monday 1/4/10- Today I was feeling ambitious and decided to finally plant the garden box! Yeah! My mom went with all the boys and I to The Home Depot, where we bought dirt and plants...brocolli, onions, strawberries, lettuces, adn some various herbs. We had soo much fun planting, and playing in dirt! Noah, Micah and Levi all loved playing outside and getting dirty, and we all enjoyed the 75 degree weather to the max! :) Natalie and Grammy helped us all day, and then Papa joined us for dinner after all the planting was done.
Tuesday 1/5/10 Micah started pulling up today...he had done it once on the same day Levi first did it, but then he never did it again. Now today he did again! He was so proud of himself, and smiled so big! :)
Wednesday 1/6/10- Micah pulled up more and more today. They are both soooo cute and getting so big. It is such a daily joy watching all my boys grow, yet so bittersweet. I know I will miss these days, and I try to remember that each day, and savor the brief moments. They are my world and my joys, and I love each of them with my whole heart. They are my sunshines, and I wouldn't trade being their mommy for ANYTHING in the whole world.
Thursday 1/7/10- The WORST thing happened today! I feel like a horrible mother! I had just changed Levi's poo, and it was a bunch of little hard rock things, and one piece apparently rolled out of the diaper without me knowing and Micah put it in his mouth! He started gaging and spitting up, and I saw him with it! AHHH! I immediately started cleanign his mouth out with a wipe, and then ran to the bathroom and washed him mouth out with soup three times! He didn't even cry or seem to mind, just went right along with it! I then brushed his teeth/gums forever. I was sooo grossed out, and then looked it up online, and lots of other mom's were saying it happened to their kids, and most said they never got sick or anything, and Micah was fine. EW! I am sooo sorry I let that happen Micah...NEVER again!
Friday 1/8/10- Levi fell back and hit his head on the tile was horrible! He cried soo hard, and acted kind of limp in my arms for a minute. It really scared me, but he turned out being just fine, and actually didn't even get a bump or anything. We got Barbonis pizza tonight for dinner, and Nick and I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic and let Noah stay up and watch it too! Nick really wanted him too, since he never gets to do was cute having him up watching it with us because he knew itt was a treat to stay up with us :) We watched it on our TV connected to the laptop streaming it from netflix. It's soo cool! The picture was good, it was never choppy, and we can rent lots of movies like that for only $8.99 a month! Nice!
Saturday 1/9/10-We went to the Cable Air Show today...loved the planes dong tricks and the 16 man parashute jump! Noah thought it was pretty cool, and was even talking about it to Jessica later on. Micah kept crinkling up his nose in a happy little way when he saw the planes flying close by. It was so cute! Noah got to go on a giant slide too, which he always loves! The babies were really good being up past their nap. Jess came over after and we hung out and watched "Interview with a Vampire". Nick thought it was the dumbest movie ever! Whatever, I like it!

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